Monday, July 11, 2011

Emotionally Naked

I'm feeling so for everyone to see...for everyone to read.  

My blog started as a place for me. 

Then a place for my friends to peek in and see.  

Suddenly it has become where others feel less alone as they connect with my words.

But who is helping me?  Where are the words I so desperately crave.

I need stories from others who have walked my path alone.

For me...I'm longing to connect with widows and widowers who have felt this pain.

To hear their stories...their know that I'm not peerless.

And not the only one who cries...or who questions how...and why.

I'm not talking about messages of support.

I need stories of loss...and journeys through grief.

Truthful emotions from young widows and widowers who have lost.

So I can hear that others feel as I my heart.


  1. I know you have found my blog as well, and I hope it has helped you some. Your blog has brought a great comfort to me, knowing I am not alone. Feel free to email me if you ever want to just chat.

    I have also found a couple other blogs of widows or widowers that have helped as well if you like a list.

  2. Allison-
    Your blog helps a great deal. I'm just always looking to connect with others. I guess I want to believe that I'm not so alone. By no means do I wish this life on anyone, but knowing there are others who live it too...somehow makes it a little less difficult.

    Are those other blogs listed on your blog?

  3. Hello Sean
    I have try many times to write a comment but since english is not my first language it is very hard. At the same time I feel closer to him in english because that was the only language he knew. I lost Steve very suddent, I woke up to find him dead on the livingroom, paramedics told me that he had been dead for some hours. I can't get that last image out of my mind. Now I'm a 32years old widow, with a full life ahead of me that I don't want.
    This morning I found a message from one of my closest cousin telling me that she understand me because she "broke out" whit her boyfriend and it down on me (again) that nobody can really understand unless/unfortunally they have lost their spouse. I read your blog everyday, I know you understand me.... and I understand you.

  4. Thank you...I have been feeling incredibly guilty and ashamed of this post. It's so desperate and needy, but that is where I am right now.

    Taking the time to comment means more than I can express in words.

    Thank you...for helping me feel less alone.


    Here is one I have found where he is telling about his loss. I know there are a couple more I have found I will post them on here when I find the links as well.