Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's Be Honest

Writer's block doesn't happen when you continue to I haven't been blocked. I have simply been crunched for time.

This is the lie I have convinced myself of over the last few months.

No longer can I stay up all hours of the night to refine my thinking.  I write, but without the time to craft my thoughts completely.

It's really not that simple...but that's what I have been telling others.

If I'm honest with myself...and you...I must admit that the focus of this blog is beginning to evolve...because my life is advancing.

At first it was survival...but now it's moving toward the desire to thrive again.

I can feel myself trying to do more than survive the pain of actively moving forward despite my loss.

I have countless unfinished blogs from the past two months...that will eventually show up here.

Perhaps finishing them will help me thrive again.


  1. Again, very well put... Thank you, you always seem to say just what I feel.